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Radar Applications

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Steerable Antenna and Tracker System for Threat Simulator Applications

System Features:

  • Compact folded optics design allows antenna, feeds, receiver and servo system to be packaged for aircraft, pod, or UAV installation.
  • Active or passive operation as a mono-pulse radar tracker or scanner.
  • Available in I, J, K, M and W bands (7 GHz - 110 GHz) with vertical, horizontal, or circular polarizations.
  • Broadband antenna allows beacon tracking while simultaneously transmitting in the same band.
  • Light composite twist reflector allows scan rates up to 450 degrees/second.
  • Remote or local control of up to 8 preprogrammed scan patterns of arbitrary nature and re-programmable on the fly via dumb terminal (RS232 interface).
  • Near hemispherical scan envelope.
  • Simple, lightweight push rod twist plate drive allows smooth scan control over the full range of scan rates and patterns.
  • Fifth generation I and J band production units have undergone environmental and flight tests to ensure compliance with Navy requirements.
  • Embedded micro-controller, high speed 32 bit floating point DSP processor.


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