Providing Engineering Research, Design, Production, and Support Services for Over 20 Years.


Microwave and Millimeter Wave Antennas, Radar Threat Simulators, Missile Guidance, Radar Imaging, and Embedded Micro-Controller Solutions.

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Consulting and Contract Services

Members of our engineering staff have the professional credentials and experience to provide clients with high quality consulting and contract services.  We support clients by providing their technical staff with the additional expertise and/or manpower required to successfully carry out their projects.

Systems Engineering and Integration

Our engineering staff is available to provide expert assistance with conceptual system definitions, cost budgeting, and schedule planning.  The staff can assist clients with system specifications and trade off studies that identify critical technical and cost issues.

UBC also provides professional systems integration services tailored to meet the clients outsourcing requirements.  We design and integrate entire turnkey systems and system sub-components with timely and low cost solutions.

Radar Research and Development

Our Tampa facility is staffed and equipped to provide R&D services for a wide variety of radar types and applications.  The facility houses an elaborate multi-million dollar radar system designed to be configurable via computer control.


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UBC About UBC Products Services Employment

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