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UBC's office is in Tampa, Florida, approximately 2 miles north of Tampa International Airport. This secure facility of approximately 11,000 square feet contains engineering offices, computer facilities, research and development laboratories, and two indoor antenna ranges. We are a multidisciplinary engineering firm with a rich history of problem solving and a tremendously diverse experience base.

The laboratories are efficiently instrumented for development programs on advanced sensors and tracking systems. A custom-engineered 80 by 50 ft. anechoic chamber is specifically tailored for the flexibility required in R & D activities. Using network analyzers for basic operations, the system can perform both real-time and stored-data analysis on antennas, components, and subsystems over the full RF spectrum up to 140 GHz. Precision apparatus is also provided for the development of IR and optical sensors. Extensive outdoor antenna test facilities are available on a nearby 20-acre tract of flat land, providing unobstructed measurement ranges in excess of 1200 feet.

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UBC, Inc.
6101 Johns Road, Suite 1
Tampa, FL 33634