Twist-Reflector Scanning Antennas (TRSA) for Threat Simulator Applications

  • Compact folded optics design allows antenna, feeds, receiver and servo system to be packaged for aircraft, pod, or UAV installation.
  • Transmit only with single axis or dual axis scanning.
  • Single antenna provides multi-octave capability (7.3 GHz - 18.0 GHz via 3 twist plates) with vertical, horizontal, or circular polarizations.
  • +/- 60 degrees azimuth sector, +/-50 degrees elevation sector.
  • Light composite twist reflector allows scan rates up to 450 degrees/second.
  • Remote or local control of multiple preprogrammed scan patterns of arbitrary nature and re-programmable on the fly via dumb terminal (RS232 interface).
  • Simple, lightweight push rod twist plate drive allows smooth scan control over the full range of scan rates and patterns.
  • All units have undergone environmental and flight tests to ensure compliance with DOD requirements. Multiple operational sorties for training, test and evaluation of avionics systems.
  • Embedded micro-controller, custom control software, brush-type motors with potentiometer and tachometer feedback.
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